WS Kids

KidSprings is the name of our Children’s Ministry at White Springs. We make the spiritual formation of your children one of our highest priorities. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in the privilege of leading your children in their spiritual development. While you are attending Worship or a LifeSprings group, your children — no matter their age — will receive the greatest investment in their spiritual lives.

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Preschool (birth – 4 years old)
  9:15 AM – LifeSprings (Sunday School) groups
10:30 AM – Childcare during Worship Gathering
  6:00 PM – Childcare (birth – 2 year olds / 3-5 year olds)
Wednesday Nights 
  6:30 PM – Childcare (birth – 2 year olds)
                  – KWOW (3-5 year olds) (during school year)
                    Other activities during summer


Children (Kindergarten-5th Grade)
Sunday Mornings
  9:15 AM – Sunday School groups
10:30 AM – Children attend worship with their families in our  
                     Worship Gathering
Wednesday Nights
6:30 PM – KWOW (during school year) / Other activities during summer
What is KWOW?
KWOW stands for Kids’ Worship on Wednesdays. It is our new, exciting, Christ-centered & kid-oriented worship time created with the children of our community in mind. Each week, the anticipation builds with an electrifying countdown, followed by kid-friendly worship songs, captivating Bible stories applied by a zany cast of characters that bring the stories to life for kids today, plus game time with wacky, fast-paced games to help the kids further comprehend the Bible stories. The kids also experience how every story in the Bible points to Jesus and gain an understanding of God’s plan of salvation on their own level.