How Should I Dress?
At WSBC, we want you come as you are.
You will see all types of dress. Some dress up, and some wear blue jeans.
What is the Music Style?
Our best definition for worship would be blended. We utilize a choir and band to provide a wide array of worship songs
Where do I take my children?
Our children have special area for themselves. We recommend driving to back of building to drop them off
Do you have Security?
Anytime we have an event at WSBC we have a special security team in place. We always have a parking lot monitor and a hall monitor surveying the premises
What are the church office hours?
Our church office is open Monday-Friday from 8-4 pm (except on Friday- 3pm)
Can we use the church facility?
Our church hosts a variety of exterior events throughout the year. Parties and Weddings must be booked by contacting our office and agreeing to our facility usage contract